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We’re a WordPress/Linux/MySQL/PHP shop. We make web sites. We specialize in custom programming, and lately have been doing a bunch of WordPress customizations (and enjoying the hell out it 🙂 ). Here are the types of work we will gladly help you with:


We're here to Help!

  • Web Site Design & Implementation from start to finish.
  • We can build brand new or fix up your existing site.
  • We can register your domain name for you and set up hosting.
  • WordPress sites, plugin support & customization
  • WordPress conversions for your existing site.
  • Graphic Design, Logos & Branding for the web.
  • Photoshop & Illustrator work. I LOVE my Wacom Cintiq.
  • Search Engine Optimization & submission.
  • Google Analytics installation & support.
  • Mobile Responsive conversions.
  • We support Ecommerce. We can install Paypal, Google Merchant Cart, connect your site to your account and more.
  • We can create a Facebook page for your business & link it to your site.
  • Web Marketing. We can help with Google Adwords or Facebook ads etc.
  • We support area Designers. Custom coding available, to your specifications, on time and on budget. Accept projects beyond your skill set & we will back you up. We become a silent part of your team & everyone wins.
  • Smarty installations as long as they have a CMS on top of the Smarty template engine

Here are services we don’t offer but we will gladly refer you to a colleague:

  • Web sites based in Windows (.asp) or .net work, but we know people who love it!
  • Print media, but we have terrific recommendations for area designers.
  • Smarty sites that don’t have a CMS installed on top of Smarty.
  • Tweeting for you or making blog posts.