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We’re a WordPress/linux/mysql/php shop. We make and market web sites, from start to finish, often with custom php programming. We also implement other people’s designs for local designers or do-it-yourselfers. We can start with a sketch, photoshop file, pdf, or existing web site that needs extra functionality installed. Check out more about what we do on our Services page.

Our History

Axis Web Design was created in the year Two Thousand as a partnership between a pair of students from the University of Vermont, Caitlin Coughlin and Scott Jeter. Caitlin was working on her BS in Computer Science & Scott was getting his degree in Studio Art with a concentration in Graphic design. The pair worked together for a number of years, mind melding like Vulcans as Caitlin fiddled with graphic design and Scott became an impressive programmer. Eventually Scott wandered off to take a full-time position at another firm that could provide health insurance for his growing family, while Caitlin was able to remain self-employed by filling out the “plus one” box on her husband’s insurance.


Caitlin now runs this company, occasionally bringing in additional talent as needed. Caitlin graduated Cum Laude from the University of Vermont in May 2001 with a bachelors of science in Computer Science. She split time between graduate studies at UVM and work for Axis Web Design for a few years and in 2005 she completed her Masters Degree in Computer Science. She has extensive experience in web design with a concentration in dynamic database-driven web content.