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We’re a WordPress/linux/mysql/php shop. We create, update, maintain, debug & fix web sites, from start to finish – or we can step in at any stage of repair in that continuum. We also implement other people’s designs for local designers or do-it-yourselfers. We can start with a sketch, photoshop file, pdf, or existing web site that needs extra functionality installed. Check out more about what we do on our Services page.

Our Credentials

Hi, my name is Caitlin Coughlin. I’ll be your Hero For Hire today. 😀   I earned two degrees in Computer Science from the University of Vermont some *ahem* time ago & I have 15+ years of experience programming for the web. I love WordPress & that is the kind of work I primarily accept these days, but if you have an emergency in some other content management platform I am willing to help you out.  I have experience in a number of programming languages & have beaten more kinds of code into submission than I can even remember.  Here is a cluster of keywords in no particular order of topics I know a thing or ten about:

WordPress, PHP, mySQL, javascript, jquery, HTML, CSS, Joomla, Smarty, phpMyAdmin, Cpanel, Hosting, DNS, SEO, Google Analytics, WooCommerce, Ecommerce, WordPress Plugins, Perl, Liquid, Shopify, Wordfence, Sucuri, etc, etc. If I don’t know yours I can learn it quickly *except* I am not interested in Windows server work, but I can refer you to colleagues who are.

Our History

Axis Web Design was created in the year Two Thousand as a partnership between a pair of students from the University of Vermont, but has evolved over time into a way for Caitlin & her Collection of Colleagues to freelance & pay our taxes properly.  Thank you for your consideration!